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Dr. Selezneva Dr. Selezneva and her team are committed to providing treatment for a variety of your dental concerns such as xerostomia (chronic dry mouth) and soft tissue ulcers. Call our Frisco, TX dental office to find out more about our oral medicine services.

Soft Tissue Ulcers

Do you ever feel a bump or knot on the inside of your mouth? This is considered a soft tissue ulcer, which can occur for numerous reasons, mostly external factors. Highly acidic, salty, or sugary foods can be a culprit when these ulcers appear. This can also be a side effect of patients undergoing radiation or any form of chemotherapy. These sores can be located anywhere on the oral soft tissue gums, cheeks, lips, palate, etc. Dr. Selezneva and her staff can provide a variety of treatment options to improve your overall oral health.


Xerostomia affects many Americans. This disease can be the outcome from a variety of reasons, including:

Our knowledgeable team is able to combat Xerostomia, so you don't have to suffer any longer. We offer different treatment plans, from changing your medications in partnership with your physician to recommending salivation inducers, we will provide the utmost care to relieve any distress caused by this disease.

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