Frisco, TX Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease, also known as gum disease, affects the overall dental structure of an individual. Many Americans suffer from this disease, but at Dental Arts of Frisco, we can help. Lucky for you, you also don’t have to continue experiencing the adverse oral and overall health effects associated with this disease. At Dental Arts Of Frisco, we offer a variety of treatments to have you feeling and looking your best. Contact Dr. Selezneva and the team to find out how to begin your road to recovery with periodontal disease treatment.

Scaling & Root Planing

Better at-home dental hygiene and frequent visits to ou office for a teeth cleaning are steps that can contain the early stages of Periodontal Disease. If the disease progresses into a more severe case, then periodontal disease begins to break down the supportive tissues that hold the teeth in place. At this stage, our team will need to begin with an advanced deep cleaning treatment known as scaling and root planing. Scaling is the systematic removal of plaque and tartar buildup. Root planing is the smoothing of tooth roots below the gum line to prevent future buildup. Future appointments for frequent professional cleanings will need to be established to ensure the periodontal disease does not flare up again.

Antibiotic Therapy

Our highly-skilled staff may recommend oral or topical antibiotic therapies to reduce the bacteria in your mouth, so less bacteria means a reduced risk of gum disease. We strive to prevent this disease early on, so we apply a topical antibiotic following a cleaning,which will reduce the amount of bacteria in between appointments. In more severe cases of periodontal disease, we may prescribe an oral antibiotic before treatment to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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