Things To Know Before Opting for Dental Implants

Did you know that more than 1 out of every 4 adults in the US suffer from untreated tooth decay? That makes up around 26% of the total adult population in the United States. This is alarming, especially when teeth decay and other dental problems are so common.

here are the top 5 things you should know to ensure an effective dental treatment:

  • They Function Like Real Teeth

Not only do dental implants look like natural teeth, but they also function like real ones. Dental implants have titanium posts at the bottom, designed to act as the root of the tooth. These titanium posts help to provide strength and support to the teeth.

The design of the implant is similar to a real tooth and is made to fit perfectly in place of the missing tooth, thus adjusting with the rest of the teeth’ structure. Moreover, dental implants are made to feel natural, similar to real teeth.

  • They Help Prevent Premature Aging

Loss of teeth is often associated with aging. So, losing teeth at an early age may be depressing for you as it would affect your overall facial appearance. Besides, you won’t feel confident enough to speak out or smile in front of others.

However, apart from appearance, a missing tooth may also cause your jawline to sag due to bone loss. Dental implants help to prevent jaw sagging and premature aging.

  • They Restore Your Oral Functions

Since a missing tooth can hamper your normal eating habits, it’s a good idea to get a dental implant to maintain proper chewing and eating practices. The best dentist in Frisco will help you resume all your chewing and biting activities without any discomfort through the most effective dental implant procedures.

  • They Prevent Oral Diseases

Missing teeth increases your risk of oral infections or diseases. Food particles may accumulate in the gaps created from missing teeth, thus causing bacterial buildup.

Normal brushing or flossing won’t help remove all those tiny and unseen particles, and therefore, you need a solution that would fill those gaps. Dental implants can help replace your missing teeth and reduce your risks of oral diseases.

  • They Are Cost-Effective

Dental implants are quite cost-effective if you calculate the long-term benefits. If you maintain proper oral hygiene and good physical health, there are high chances that your dental implants will last a lifetime.

The fun fact about dental implants is that they will start functioning like regular teeth once they have healed. You will not be required to buy any special cleaning or adhesive substances, thus saving costs in the long run.

  • They Have a High Success Rate

You will be happy to know that dental implants have a success rate of around 95-98%, which is quite high compared to other dental treatments. Besides, dental implants are also one of the safest dental solutions and have become one of the most popular choices across the world.

However, we would advise you to visit a certified and experienced dentist specializing in dental implants in Frisco, TX, or elsewhere to ensure the success of your treatment. Because the success of any dental procedure largely depends on the skill and expertise of the professional.

Now You Know!

If addressed on time, you can prevent your tooth from getting damaged from a cavity. And dental implants are one of the most common treatments for decaying or missing teeth.